technical liners


Prepare to be impressed

Your bulk cargo is fully protected and safely stored in our liners. We not only guarantee this with our ongoing quality checks but also by using the most varied of structures and materials which, depending on requirements, ensure your products are optimally handled: from the inlets/outlets of varying sizes to the practical centring discs that make insertion into the outer packaging easier, to the conical bottom that lightens the load on sealed seams and guarantees optimum drainage of residual material. We also have plenty to offer when it comes to materials: in addition to our popular PE liners or high-quality aluminium composite film, we also offer specially tailored liners for octabins, boxes or FIBCs as par for the course. What do we recommend? You can rely on the quality of our aluminium composite film to protect top-quality, hygroscopic products against dampness, water vapour, UV radiation, oxygen, as well as odour transmission. Your product will thank you for it.



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We are developers

For everyone who needs a valve: The protection offered by the film is not enough for us! We are able to seal a vacuum valve into the liner for the purpose of reducing oxygen content and are currently working on a valve that can withstand even higher loads. Efficiency from start to finish: We can offer tailored solutions that reduce the costs and cleaning effort involved with plastic containers, stainless steel containers and cardboard boxes. Furthermore, the liners provide more security and an additional barrier property for your products. Have you ever thought of replacing your current deposit system with a combination of cardboard and liner? It is a good way to reduce return transport and the handling of secondary packaging. You are also helping the environment with every kilometre not travelled.

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