Better protection
for liquids

Communicating a clear message requires few words. We guarantee the following:

Better protection for liquids.

You can take our word for it!

Because the products from Liner Factory do not represent just any standard protection but rather the better choice of protection in every aspect. A promise that underlines our commitment to develop optimised packaging solutions for today and tomorrow – with enthusiasm (our hearts), diligence (our heads) and visionary thinking (our instinct).

Better protection also means consistently investing in the latest technology in order to meet the growing demands for quality liners. A logical consequence of this has been to increase our inventory because, as an expanding company, we are more than aware of the need to meet growing demand. As a result, we are enlarging our supplier network and training our subcontractors – for even more individual quality.


Prepare to be impressed

The passion and commitment of our employees goes hand-in-hand with our corporate success. It thus makes sense to involve the entire team in the organisation of projects and processes. One thing is certain, a satisfied and motivated team will also leave a good impression on our customers and enthusiastic customers make our team proud – a constellation we hold particularly dear.



Our approach is one that is well thought out, we owe that much to our customers. With professionalism, a sense of responsibility and healthy ambition, we create solutions that meet, or best of all exceed, the strictest of criteria along all stages of the value chain. New solutions for innovative processes, products and machinery are developed and implemented in-house. And, last but not least, we have committed ourselves to taking as sustainable an approach as possible to every process step, protecting both your products and the environment.


We are developers

Visionary thinking is required for change to happen and the entire team here at Liner Factory demonstrates the necessary pioneering spirit to make a difference. As soon as we sense the potential for optimising either new or existing problems, we start to critically question what has long proven successful. With a desire to innovate, we generate new ideas, open up niches and foster sustainable economic activity. And for our research into even better packaging concepts, we have additionally started a think tank. Our team of experts is responsible for quick implementation and fast decision-making processes, with significant potential for new developments – sophisticated, environmentally sound and simply inspiring.



Through our strong collaboration with RINGMETALL SE, we look forward to spending time in a professional association with like-minded people. To be precise: With a variety of packaging specialists!

Together we focus on high quality liner solutions, inner sleeves, round bottom bags, sacks and more. You can rest assured: When it comes to liners, you’ve come to the right place with our liner professionals at RINGMETALL SE.

Also in the new association we see our company philosophy as a target:

All employees are given the opportunity to identify with the company as they are actively involved in the direction it takes.

• We love what we do!
• We know why we want to be successful.
• We all agree that a high-standard of quality is our top priority.
• We are aware of the consequences of our failure to demand and encourage the economic and social development of our company.
•We will continue to strive to be the best at what we do!

If you would like to know more about our company and what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.